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Hello, everyone~

As I update this in February of 2017, the political scene in the United States is very loud and divided. There are challenging questions to decide, and I hope that people prayerfully seek God's leading--both in the decisions to be made and in how we conduct the conversation. For myself, the pull toward anger and hatred have been unusually strong, which I'm quite sure is not the Lord's way.

Therefore, I mention our (free) hymn against hatred, Dear Lord, I Come Confessing, which is newly revised. A number of the Bible references behind the hymn come up in the Gospel lessons NOW, like anger being wrong (February 12th), loving your enemies (February 19th), and Jesus resisting the temptation to gain power (March 1st, as Lent begins). You might consider this hymn for church or its Bible study for discussion groups.

Looking ahead to Holy Week, we remind you of our solos from the viewpoints of Biblical people-- Song of John (about foot-washing, for Maundy Thursday, April 13th) and On the Way (for Easter sunrise services or Saturday night services).

For communion services anytime, we continue to highlight our new hymn
Lord, Before that Quiet Meal. You could introduce this on Maundy Thursday as a solo, or as a hymn with choir support.

For communion services after Easter, we continue to highlight our new hymn
One Early Morning on a Shore. While the beautiful story for this song does not come up in the lectionary this year, the story and song have broader ties to any communion service during the season of Easter.

In this time of uncertainty, being fed by Christ has extra comfort to me!

Check in again with us again for upcoming suggestions~


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